The Boy Least Likely To "Be Gentle With Me"
Twinkly, twee pop to share with your post-breakup rebound. Single of the month for anyone who relates to the bald guy from High Fidelity.
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The 88 "Hide Another Mistake"
Yet another young Los Angeles band (Giant Drag, the Willowz) with a charming swagger, the 88 shift a robotic riff into a sunny chorus like a garage-rock Beach Boys.
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Damian Marley "Welcome to Jamrock"
An instant conscious-reggae classic, with Marley chanting acid lyrics over haunting dub reverberations, air horns, sirens, and a female voice lilting a murderous refrain.
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Babyshambles "Fuck Forever"
Even their label's website calls it "meandering" and "mumbling," but Pete Doherty still flashes a damnable, pathetic charisma.
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Da Backwudz "You Gonna Luv Me"
Riding an exultantly squeaky soul sample, the Decatur, Georgia-raised duo rip rhymes like a more everydude version of OutKast.

Rhymefest "These Days"
This witty raconteur and Kanye West affiliate (he cowrote "Jesus Walks") tosses punch lines over a jaunty swing beat, unsure whether to bust heads or stay in bed.

The Rakes "Retreat"
These second-wave Franz Ferdinands reveal the hidden formula behind the rock-star lifestyle: wake up, hook up, walk home, come down. Repeat.
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Spank Rock "Put That Pussy on Me"
Baltimore MC Naeem Juwan and producer XXXChange turn Baltimore club/booty music into a riotous geekfest, with booming bass and cheeky rhymes.

Lil' Kim "Shut Up"
Fake boobs? Biggie-penned hits? Haters gossip over laser-tag gunfire while rap's perjury princess proves she's choosing her words more carefully now -- and "bitch" is one of them.
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Nine Inch Nails "The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix)"
This dance-club gem suggests that when Mr. Reznor commands you to get up off your knees, he's just telling you how to reach your Red Bull.
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Lady Sovereign "Hoodie"
The first lady of grime jumps around to Super Mario sproings, spoofing her own juvie-hall Cockneyisms with the most white-bread demand of the year: "Boogie-woogie with me!"
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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth"
A David Byrne tremor injects Brooklyn art rock with pathos. Is this a sad song about what happens when you don't brush?
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Big Star "Lady Sweet"
With Alex Chilton whispering sweet regrets, the Memphis legends are back, unveiling a flawless power-pop ballad with harmonies that'll stop your heart.
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OK Go "Do What You Want"
"My Way" for people who shotgun beers all day, this inspirational power rock urges you to follow your dream -- especially the one in which they're playing cowbell.
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Bloodhound Gang "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo"
"Cattle-prod the oyster ditch with the lap rocket" and a million other ways for frat-rock fans to say "I love you."
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