Sound & FURY

The 88
Over and Over
(EMK/Mootron Records)

Regulars on the L.A. club scene will recognize the upbeat melodies of
The 88 on its sophomore album Over and Over. For newcomers, listening
to the album is like childhood encounters with your favorite uncle: It
picks you up, spins you around, and leaves you with a smile on your face,
luckily without referencing flowery meadows, a united world, or shiny,
happy people. The 12 mostly joyful tracks showcase the band’s ability
to straddle rock and pop, and ride it well. Seen all over network TV,
including Jimmy Kimmel Live, Extra, and a coveted spot on The OC’s
season premiere, The 88 seem to be on the Big Time’s doorstep.
—Elizabeth Tippet