Guitar Player
by Matt Blackett
The 88
Over and Over
If you dig smart
pop-rock guitar work, the latest from The 88 will be right up your alley.
A listen to Over and Over will enable you to predict with relative
certainty what records these guys have in their collections, and that
list includes the Who, the Kinks, the Cars, and various Beatles/post-Beatles
offerings. They mix their influences into a delightful blend that is catchy
and rocking, with great dynamics, cool melodies, and awesome guitar tones
from start to finish. Keith Slettedahl and Brandon Jay handle the 6-string
duties, and they shine particularly brightly on the Leslie-tinged “Nobody
Cares,” the rocking “Battle Scar,” and “You Belong
To Me,” with its woody, Stones-approved acoustic timbres. The 88
are the best band with a number in their name since Marvelous 3.
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