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 The 88
 Over and Over

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Artist / Band:  The 88
Record Label:  Mootron Records
Release Date:  September 20, 2005

Our Review:
It may be in vogue for bands like the Killers and Franz Ferdinand to pull from '80s references, but the 88 like to go back a tad further. The Los Angeles band jumps its well-dressed members head first into the happier days of the Beatles and the Kinks. Call it standard hooky pop, but, boy, it works with an immediacy and brightness that's simply undeniable. A majority of Over and Over bounces along so crisply and effortlessly that you'll be boogying before you know it. And in the odder tunes, the guys really show off their chops, namely in the loopy drowsiness of "Jesus Is Good," the sing-along shuffle of "Coming Home" and "You Belong to Me," which could've stood up on any Elliott Smith record. Definitely a winner--over and over.

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